Monday, April 25, 2011

High Fructose Corn Syrup You Filthy Whore

High fructose corn syrup you filthy whore
You caked up slut
You sugary sweet destitute prostitute, selling yourself to any junky stoner or third grader that will have you
You have your slushy syrupy hands in w everything
I know your story
You came from a small town out in Nebraska
A simple stalk
A virgin
With wet suguary dreams
You came here
To the city
To the factories
To the candy colored work houses
They fed you lies saying they would make you sweeter
More mature
More full bodied
And then they raped you
Disfigured you
Mutated you
Poluted and diluted and over sweetened you
And put you in ever cardboard box, coke can and candy wrapper they could stuff you
Do you even know who you are anymore?
What's inside you?
What you've become?
You're a joke
A gag
A diseased ridden whore for men in cheap suits
Oh your sweet cracked lips
Your deceptive body
You go down so smooth so easy
You're there without me even askin you to be there
How I wish I didn't love you
How I wish i wasn't hooked on you
How I wish I could cut you away from my life completely
But you're in my vains too deep
You're glucose in my bloodstream
You're a honey silk dominatrix
And I am your rushing crashing addicted slave.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


There's a girl
Dark hair, blond hair, redhead
With glasses
C cups D cups double D cups
And she's a librarian?
No no
She's a school girl
Yes yes
She's been naughty
Yes yes
She's been a naughty school girl in her short school girl skirt and school girl Glasses and schoolgirl panties
Did I email back that guy that job offer
No damn it she's a school girl
No wait she's a redhead and a doctor
Yes yes
A sexy doctor
Yes yes
No she's a nurse in a white gown and white stockings and she needs an injection
And I should remember to DVR house later and
No god no
Ok she's a secretary
A biker chick
A dominatrix
Sexy secretary biker chick dominatrix with leather
I forgot to call my mother
Legs, boobs, glasses, arms, pay the bills, table, knees, bed, rope, iron still on, lips, tits, arched back, door closed? heels, big heels, shouting, screaming, moaning, adventure time, grabbing, thrusting, indian girl, big eyes, facebook, breast, open skirt, pussy, wet, cringe, lips, breasts, NEW GREETING CARD!
I need a new girlfriend.

Dreaming Dejavu

Have I dreamed this before?
Twenty one days ago
Or maybe it was a month or two months or a week
I woke up from a dream
And I couldn't quite remember what it was about
But it felt familiar
More than that it felt like it would feel familiar
And today,
I get a sense I've done this before
Said this before
Experienced this experience before
And I remember back to that dream I had
Twenty one days ago
Or maybe a month or two months or a week
And it feels familiar now
Like it felt familiar then
Or that it feels familiar like it would feel familiar
At least I think it does
And I get a sense of dejavu
And the strangest thing
The very strangest thing I have about this strange feeling
Is that I remember in that dream I had
Twenty one days ago
Or a month or two months or a week
I remember getting dejavu
About having this feeling.
At least I think I did.

That Last Moment

In a moment, this moment I am experiencing
Right now, with you
This moment we are both sharing
Will pass and be lost in a thousand billion moments we've already experienced.
This moment
This moment that you are experiencing with me right now
In only a moment in time
Not even a year or a week or a day or an hour
But even in a moment in time
You will remember this moment
This moment we both have shared
And you will question whether this moment ever existed
Or if it is one of the many false moments you've made up in your head.
Remember that even in this moment
You knew your future self would question the existence of this moment
Remember that you remember questioning yourself about this moment
And realize this question will not help you qualify this moment's existence at all,
It will merely serve to make you question all future past moments.

Ode to Thesaurus

What is the word
The word
The word for meaning
What sounds like meaning and feels like meaning but isn't quite meaning meaning
Explanation denotation connotation
Interpretation sounds good
Good good
What's another word for good
A good word for good
Great excellent superb outstanding magnificent!
No that's too much
Too good for good
I'll stick with great.
Now sexy
Sexy sexy
I need a sexy word for sexy
No it'd be better if it was an unsexy word for sexy
Desiring alluring voluptuous nubile toothsome
Really? I like it. Toothsome.
Now ending
What's a word for ending
How can I end with an ending that's not ending but is an ending
And an ending that isn't french of course
Conclusion resolution denouement
No not denouement
Still too french
Hmmm finale termination discontinuation
I've got it!
Because an antonym is still a synonym if you use it ironically, right?
What's another word for thesaurus?

Callout to the Girl with Glasses

I dig a girl with glasses,
And that's the only kind of girl I'll dig
I give no contact to a lady with contacts
I've got no passion for a girl with perfect vision
The only woman I'll bed is the minx wearing the bright red frames.
Because You've got to respect those specs
Those fine ass brims
Those coke-bottle lenses that get me into a coked up frenzy
Those curvy spectacles that are a spectacle for my senses
To me, two eyes are not enough when four is on the table
Bifocals, trifocals,
Don't put those reading glasses away in your leopard skin case,
Take them out,
Put them on display,
Let them shimmer
Let them gleam
Let them reflect my complete ecstasy in seeing
Those big beautiful wonderful windows encasing your soul
Librarians, Secretaries, and female physicians rejoice
Because I go crazy for those specs
Because I get hot and bothered by those blinkers
Because I need to cool down after catching a glimpse of those hot glasses
Because there's just nothing sexier than a chick with nearsightedness.