Thursday, April 14, 2011

Callout to the Girl with Glasses

I dig a girl with glasses,
And that's the only kind of girl I'll dig
I give no contact to a lady with contacts
I've got no passion for a girl with perfect vision
The only woman I'll bed is the minx wearing the bright red frames.
Because You've got to respect those specs
Those fine ass brims
Those coke-bottle lenses that get me into a coked up frenzy
Those curvy spectacles that are a spectacle for my senses
To me, two eyes are not enough when four is on the table
Bifocals, trifocals,
Don't put those reading glasses away in your leopard skin case,
Take them out,
Put them on display,
Let them shimmer
Let them gleam
Let them reflect my complete ecstasy in seeing
Those big beautiful wonderful windows encasing your soul
Librarians, Secretaries, and female physicians rejoice
Because I go crazy for those specs
Because I get hot and bothered by those blinkers
Because I need to cool down after catching a glimpse of those hot glasses
Because there's just nothing sexier than a chick with nearsightedness.

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