Sunday, March 6, 2011


Friday I went to a poetry reading with a friend. I went last month and really enjoyed it, and everyone prodded me into writing something. This time was just as much fun; there were amazing poets, music, crazy tranny puppets, and a guy playing a saw like a violin. Also I wrote poetry.

I was quite busy all month and putting it off. FInally, Thursday night, at about 1 in the AM, I wrote a couple in an hour. I like doing poetry quickly and at the last minute, so if they suck, no harm. They seemed to go over well. Enjoy!

.txt file
I am typing this on a keyboard into a computer onto a text file
saving it
deleting it
re-typing re saving re reading
emailing it
reading it
sent from iphone to my eyes to my brain to my mouth to your ears.
Thank the mother Steve Jobs
and the father Al Gore
For I never have to write, scribble, doodle,
read, scratch out, rewrite
read, re-read, re-reread, and translate my horrible handwriting ever again.

Sitting Alone
I see the look in your eyes
The way you avoid my gaze
The way you button the top button on your blouse
The empty seat you leave beside me
Don't think I dont notice
Don't think I dont remember
The empty seat beside me on the bus,
The empty seat beside me in class
The empty seat beside me every day of my life
The invisible stalker I couldn't get rid of
You think you're being subtle
You think you're being nice
But you might as well be saying it to my face
You're a creep youre a bum
You might as well be shouting it at me
You're weird, you're strange
You dont like me? I get it. It's fine.
I don't like you either
I don't like people who dont like me
I don't like people who put a stamp on my forehead
Before I get a chance to let a word out of my mouth for your approval
You're a creep, you're a bum
You create a vacuum of hate
And I hope it sucks you out and suffocates you.
I'll save you a seat.